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I have been very passionate towards art these past few months and as I was going through many tutorials which would help me begin drawing, it struck me to began creating something of my own. It is interesting and a great way to spend your afternoons if you are at home and in your leisure hours. […]

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Tough, Tougher & :O

Ebook, the very one thing sounded easy to play around and effective. I myself enjoyed reading cool stuff in my ipad earlier O:-)

Must be wondering what the hell am I upto? Just that, trying to convert my book to the formats to each of the websites made me quite crazyyyyy 😥  &

Not only did I feel tough but ridiculous as to things I do are far more complex o_O…….

Sometimes, it is too tough to get your mind and heart work together……have to try one more time tomorrow and see if i can possibly pull the strings of entire hmmmmmm not sure what i wanna say even 😉

Euphonos 🙂