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DIY Flower Knot

This is a yellow tiny diy project that was on my mind today morning.

Just make a tiny fower with some tiny loop knots around. I have no idea about knitting or making bracelets. I just played around a bit and came up with this beautiful yellow tiny band.

Well, I am going shopping now 🙂 

Stay tuned for more updates..

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Another beautiful piece I was so fond of from the moment I saw it on the Internet. I ask my husband to get the prints and enjoy colouring. A great relaxation. 

Don’t really want to buy those books. I mean I feel why spend $20 if I am going to keep them safe in my closet. 

Sometimes, They do make it to the wall when I love seeing something that makes me feel good. 


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My First Celtic Design

My sudden interest in celtic knot designs landed me in the world of youtube. I knew how bad I was at drawing but how worse could it get. So, I did try this although I have no idea what it turned out to be. But, I thoroughly enjoyed using my colors to paint rather than the usual markers handy.

I am actually embarassed but wanted to share with you all. Have a good laugh.