Fitness Milestone

Better than a couch potato

“What do you think?”, Today although the weather was quite cold and with the downpour an hour earlier, I walked 3000+ steps in and around where I live; Perhaps, it is a perfect way to start off my morning.

ImageI read and hear there’s lot going on with the living healthy doesn’t count for the steps you take; But I think, doing
something is better than nothing. You walk at your own pace at first then slowly the intensity enhances and you’re up for a better reason.

It all depends on the direction of causality here and no one is a better judge.


My Den

Enjoyed a rainy day too

Today hasn’t been that great, rain pouring down, actually drizzled for a while and then there was heavy pour for a while, yet Surprisingly, i am accepting and enjoying.

I hate when it rains and when its cold but surely not today. Never know why?


My Den

Is Sunny day, a great start for you?

I call it a great morning when its Sunny rather than the cold and rainy mornings and today is one of those great start off mornings. Quite a task to just get out of bed and make a cup of tea.


My first poetry book

Chill Mornings

Hello WP’s,

A very good morning!!! My mornings get better and better until the temperature falls and falls. It is too cold outta here and I am not alright with it. Of course, I don’t have a choice and a way out except keep myself warm and go on;