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If you have confidence and willingness to make something happen, success is at your doorstep. Dreams become real only when you have the spirit in you. Make your dream come true. Feel empowered and change the way you look at things.

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Our paths crossed quite a few times,

Fate unfolded mysteriously and

Irony brought us together when our world was nothing alike.

I knew I met my Soulmate.

I knew I sensed the absence of light coming back to me.

Your reflection tore down the inner walls of darkness surrounded by ignorance in my mind.

The change in me began and now I am complete with you around me.

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Random thoughts


Change is you.


This is the first line from my upcoming nameless self-help book.
Well, there’s lot to give back to the Universe and take back from it.
The enormous powerful energy is waiting to reflect upon each of us and it is you alone who can change the you and become the new “YOU”.

I was going to hold the most awaited book “The Secret” today but couldn’t. Nevertheless, something more awaits. This is what I consider changing my thought and going with the flow rather than thinking the otherwise.

I am sure you are wondering if I can’t just buy it in the stores if I am loving the Universe and secret teachings so much. Well, it is a long story and I’ll get there to share with you all soon.

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I didn’t want my WP readers to miss reading my thoughts.

My Den

Law of Detachment

Right now… I am going through the phase of living by “law of detachment”… Have you done this ever before???

Well, it is not going to be a piece of cake work for me for sure but its worth changing for the better..

Without any intention, I sometimes fall prey for the loop of how I want my friends and family to be with me while they end up being nothing like how I am with them.. that’s beginning to change.. I am changing.. wish me best 👧


My Den

Enjoyed a rainy day too

Today hasn’t been that great, rain pouring down, actually drizzled for a while and then there was heavy pour for a while, yet Surprisingly, i am accepting and enjoying.

I hate when it rains and when its cold but surely not today. Never know why?