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How lovely it would be if I connect and talk to all my readers out there..Since that’s practically impossible and out of boundaries, I would like to take the chance to connect virtually and perhaps develop a sense of friendship with you all.

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Signing off for today. Good Night.

Thank you and love you all 🙂

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Poetry by Euphonos
Poetry by Euphonos

Wings of Emotions Vol II { KINDLE} is available for less than a dollar only on AMAZON.

It is just 99cents for a day or so. Grab your copy today if you are a free-verse poetry lover or share it with your friends and family of similar interest. They might love the book.


My Den

Falling asleep

“May you fall asleep in the arms of a dream, so beautiful, you’ll cry when you awake”. – Michael Faudet

Signing off and drifting away to my land of dreams some vague, some conscious and truthful, some so intimidating and some so subtle and real like never before.

Good night 🙂 

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Instincts of an inspiring writer as Author

Being a writer and author are two extreme ends with the only possible similarity of writing.

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Be like Anne

Although going by the books or characters is not suggested, we all fall in love with the characters and feel them alive within us at some point while you are having a great book in hand;

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