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Sometimes admiring art makes you feel peaceful.

Make sure you try this every day in your own time and give some credit to yourself.

Sit in a place you love be it at a coffee shop or it could be one of your favorite places you hang out very often. I am sure all of us have one. Find that place and just take a deep breath. Don’t rush. Everything and everyone can wait. Give importance to yourself and have your favourite  art picture handy and just keep looking at it for as long as you can like maybe a minute or two.

It is blissful.
Photo Credit: 9 wallpapers app. 

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I have never felt alive in the past few months. Don’t really know the inner essence of all of it but I am sure I am joyous and starting to see from a more optimist point of view.


Not complaining nor am I trying to win hearts, I am just myself and the very notion makes me feel complete even if it lasts for moments.

So, any changes lately that have swept you in awe? Love to hear all about it.

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