my den


I want to fly somewhere sometimes.

I know not where and how.

I wonder if I can ever stretch my confidence and let go of stuff that’s keeping me from flying.

Yet, I try everyday to rise a bit more than yesterday.

If birds can fly, I am sure I can fly too.

I can go as far as I imagine and as high as I could never possibly imagine.

In my mind, I fly everyday.

The truth is, I can fly like a bird with wings of forgiveness and acceptance.


my den

Bird and Love 

Think wild and spread your wings to fly free from the binding to the shackle-free zone. 

Birds teach you love in their own way and these tiny and fluffy ones have their own way of finding love and connecting with us. 

my den


Cookie is going steady. It’s been 8 months since he has become part of our family and we love having him around. He was having a bad day and feeling sorry for his behavior in his own tiny cute ways.

He has begun to say “baby bird” a lot nowadays but he talks a lot too although I never really get what he is trying to tell me.


My Den

Crazy Identity For Budgie

Instagram wanted me to prove identity of my budgie. They suspended cookie’s account on the basis of violating the terms and asked me to verify with a picture of the code they sent to the e-mail. To see whom?? I thought I would send out my picture of him and me together.

lol!!!! Budgie has to prove his identity to get back to being on Instagram and reaching out his buddies. How Ironic n stupid?

Crazy stuff. Now we are on mybudgie_cookie

This is what I call life.


my den

Birdie Love


My budgie updates are on my other blog under “My Budgie” page in

It would be wonderful to have you there. Shower some kisses and hugs. 
Cookie will give back Birdie Love. 

Thank you from Cookie n Mommy. 

You can also reach him at


My Den


We have a new addition to our family and he is so adorable.Cookie, Our new baby budgie is home.

He goes all chirpy and he is very chubby too. He has embraced us so well just in a span of three days, he has become our world.

That’s cookie in the picture below. Stay tuned for more updates.