my den


I want to fly somewhere sometimes.

I know not where and how.

I wonder if I can ever stretch my confidence and let go of stuff that’s keeping me from flying.

Yet, I try everyday to rise a bit more than yesterday.

If birds can fly, I am sure I can fly too.

I can go as far as I imagine and as high as I could never possibly imagine.

In my mind, I fly everyday.

The truth is, I can fly like a bird with wings of forgiveness and acceptance.


my den

Well Said

I never knew a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning would tell me something that’s been in me for a long time. Being Vegan is tough I guess but this is very beautifully crafted work of Bernard Shaw. 

Hats off to all the Vegans. 

my den

Bird and Love 

Think wild and spread your wings to fly free from the binding to the shackle-free zone. 

Birds teach you love in their own way and these tiny and fluffy ones have their own way of finding love and connecting with us. 

my den

Stop Animal Cruelty

We all believe in so many things. Try choosing one of them that your heart goes out to everytime you hear about them. It could be child abuse, domestic violence and many more who need a hand. Support them in your own little ways.

I am supporting “Stop Animal Cruelty”. It is a beautiful feeling when you begin to make a difference. 

We are their voices. Save them. 

my den


Cookie is going steady. It’s been 8 months since he has become part of our family and we love having him around. He was having a bad day and feeling sorry for his behavior in his own tiny cute ways.

He has begun to say “baby bird” a lot nowadays but he talks a lot too although I never really get what he is trying to tell me.