My first poetry book

Reminds Me

The only fervent wish that reminds me of you, The song that reminds me of you,
The gesture that reminds me of you,
The passion that reminds me of you,

The vulnerable wound that reminds me of you,
The intimacy that reminds me of you,
The charming spell cast so long ago that reminds me of you, The fancy snuggle that reminds me of you,

The warmth that reminds me of you strongly,
The deepest desire that reminds me of you,
The burning hope that turns back in time,
While my soul fades into the darkness of my broken heart. Wonder, if you will ever come back?


If you like this poem, You can grab Wings of Emotions Volume II from the link below:

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My first poetry book

WOE is doing well!!!!

Well, There is no tell-tale sign as to why your book is doing well in terms of reviews, sales etc…Leaving aside the usual bla bla bla, I am thankful to everyone who encouraged me constantly and kept me going..{Perhaps, I am being too modest..It is just within yourself as to how you would perceive and get going in the beginning when you aren’t even sure if your book is reachable}.


Although WOE Vol I has always been among the “Amazon Best-Sellers list” in the Poetry Genre, It has never gone to the top 10.

It is ranked #4 in the Books – Literature & Fiction – Poetry – Themes & Styles – Nature


#39 among Kindle store – Kindle eBooks – Literature and Fiction – Poetry – Love poems

Why don’t you grab a copy of it and cuddle up with a cup of tea/coffee? I am sure you won’t be disappointed because my poems talk to you.


WOE VOL II is also available and it is among the Best-Sellers for just $0.99. You might enjoy a short read since it has only 30 poems.


Finally, leave a review if you read and like/dislike my book. I still love you 🙂