Enjoy an excerpt from Book I of “TRUE LOVE SERIES”

Linda looked beautiful with her glossy skin, her auburn curls let loose and the smudged make-up. A slender oval face with an addition to the decent minimal alterations in shape made her look terrific and wanting. At 27, Linda seemed perfect reflection of her mother with dark hair, blonde and her deep blue mysterious eyes added charm. Linda likes love the classic way and yearns to meet her true love.

This book is the first in the series of “The True Love” from South Fair to Gladstone in the early 90’s. The following books will be in connected with the story and any answered untied will be answered in the following series. It is from the same generation and each character has a sense of uniqueness and soul. This classic Novella is all about heartfelt love, passion and crush with a blend of family ties that bring the perfect couple together.

Tidbit from one of the Chapters

He was beginning to fall in love. He remembered the day he met Linda. She wore a red tee-shirt and her jeans seemed slightly not his taste but his eyes were deeply focusing on her legs, slender and thin. She looked elegant and perfect. His last girlfriend was just an outfit of fashion doped and seemed quite tough to fit the crowd all the time.


Mother would love the name. Both felt the clubs out of their comfort zone. Michael explained his personality trait of repressing from society norms such as seeing his girl friend very often and having to talk with her over the phone all the time. Linda had understood him and stopped pressuring him. Things were better the next day. A good night’s Sleep and stuff. By morning, they were different altogether.

Today was a new day for Michael. He did not want to show up as a Stalker but that seemed important. He had enough to cover the expenses for the time he was going to stay. That was only, if Michael managed modestly well. Sam was his savior.

 Copyright 2014 by Euphonos




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