Untold Stories

Judge a book

I wonder the factual or hypothetical or phenomenal or whichever suits the mindset of a individual to judge a book be it the cover image or the author.

How can our expectations and false implications justify someone’s thorough work of thoughts.

My first book happened to be a piece of cake work apart from the time and the passion i felt while writing. My publisher took care of everything and all I got to do was promote in my own ways, share in the social media and try my luck out. It worked pretty good.

I got mixed notions and reviews from the readers. For some, it was all about the book cover that was appealing even after they were done with the book. For the rest, a blend of both and for others, it was pure justification of the deep insight of my thoughts.

Perception differs from time to time and from one to another. My second book sales are pretty slow though the story line and my work seems to be taking its charm. Its out there on amazon but I all get is judge the book by its cover.


Untold Stories

Hasty decisions

It was always these hasty decisions that worsened my days and done more damage than anyone else did or even far bitter than the circumstances.

I would become a laughing stock if I quote those instances now, memories during high school and grad are crazy but fun


Untold Stories

Unfinished Ones

I haven’t been very promising past few months and its been quite a mess with 2 finished books and 2 unfinished books in a row.

Perhaps, I need more determination and motivating factor to go back that road; I am not at loss of words or ideas but it cannot be explained.

Wings of Emotions

Pieces of Time


Untold Stories

Where my heart resides


Sitting across the bay, memories flashed across my mind. I knew the profound meant feeling I felt that literally ripped me off. I missed someone I loved so much. If I made choice to be with the one I gave my heart away to, I would end up missing my family.

“Isn’t it a matter of fortune or more apt would be fate to have your family & your love together”? Quite disturbing, I felt at that point of time;

Years have gone by but, I can never deny the fact that I have been missing either one of them all the time. In due course of time, I learned to keep things simple and straight, loosing that sense of affection somewhere down the lane during my journey. Every now and then, my soul reminds me the part of me I was back then. Though it extends beyond the horizon of circumstances, I want everyone I love to be in a place where my heart resides since I have chosen a place where I reside.

Untold Stories

It’s a Good Time to Be a Woman in Literature

Sounds great 🙂


On October 10, legendary Canadian author Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize for Literature, the first Canadian-based author to ever receive the honour*, and only the 13th woman overall in the history of the prize. It’s an interesting award because, rather than just one book, the winner is judged on a lifetime of work. While announcing her win, the Swedish academy referred to the 82-year-old author as, “Master of the contemporary short story.”

Now, the Man Booker Prize, a prestigious annual award given to “the best original full-length novel, written in the English language, by a citizen of the Commonwealth of Nations, the Republic of Ireland, or Zimbabwe,” has just been awarded to New Zealand author Eleanor Catton for her novel The Luminaries, set in the 19th century goldfields of New Zealand.

A bit of history. The 45-year-old prize was originally just called the Booker Prize from 1969 –…

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Untold Stories

The Untold Story of a Gentleman


The unusual day, when things seem to go my way but in vain. Nothing seemed in place and everything felt apart leaving me unfixed. I had to gather parts of my life events that eventually turned out to worsen for who I was becoming in no time. People called me “Bogan”. I knew my life meant much more worthy than being treated the way I was being;

I wouldn’t blame anyone for that matter, not even myself. I had to actually question myself for all the stuff that costed me. For quite sometime, I denied the fact about me being the sole reason for my life to end up so empty;

The girl I loved, I lost her in no time & the job i enjoyed, long gone & never gave enough for any relationship to bond.I was all alone. The decisions I made were beyond reasoning.  Time to grab my gear!!!! I couldn’t….

“How can anyone live so easily with the thickest fear of being a loner when you have a family in the world, so dear they are?”…..

Inner soul that touched my heart, when I heard a gentleman share his part of life he never wanted to let go; While many think they do not have answers for their life, here is the man who has answers for the events that tore his life apart and wanna go back to get his life in shape!!! Wish him the best……