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Why “Pieces of Time”

Do you believe in true love?
Do you believe in that strong sense of connection with few people we meet?

Then, read on:

Short Blurb:

Love of coming age that takes you through a swift but promising ride filled with true love and romance. Linda, the protagonist is a perfect reflection of her mother at 27. From the SouthFair, She moves to a small town of Gladstone with her family. Her spirits at awe and roar of imagination with high hopes for meeting the love of her life, Linda’s heart is torn into million pieces.

A prose version of a woman who is head over heels with the unexpected man, a loner on the inside. But, the family tie binds him stronger than ever. Yet, her mind is full of flashes from her memories of high-school handsome.

Magic essence, Time is the only key to her heart destined to find the love of her life. On the whole, Book I is a saga of endless drama of misunderstandings and reconciliation of emotions at an edge.

Blurb has the “WHY, PIECES OF TIME”. Hope you got it.

Sample Work

A Sunday Sample from my book


On a endless,
Shadow of the past,
Beginning to behold the present,
I owe you no more than solitude.
Fruits of my forbearance for the future,
Abiding by the rolling coast of destiny,
I stand by you,
With raising hope of togetherness

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