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The soft pillow

The ringing of the phone filled the room echoing in her ears.

Linda stretched her hand to the bedside for the alarm. Thoughts spurred in her mind.

She was lost in her own thoughts with her head buried between the soft pillows of purple shades that added to the glossy look even in the moon-lit night across the bedroom window.

A pale brown two-story building with three giant rooms, grey roofs wearing off and steeply slope right ahead amidst the center of the house was all Linda’s home.

Home filled with memories of laughter and merriness.

The rose bushes pink in color still stood around the door in a random way. The white windows seemed immaculate.

Linda enjoyed the fresh blossoms and scent of the flowers. She had a garden in the backyard full of roses and tulips.

She heard the sound of breaking glass.

She quickly wrapped some decent clothes around her, the satin inner piece was doing no good after all, but something to spare her pride wouldn’t hurt.

Random thoughts


Change is you.


This is the first line from my upcoming nameless self-help book.
Well, there’s lot to give back to the Universe and take back from it.
The enormous powerful energy is waiting to reflect upon each of us and it is you alone who can change the you and become the new “YOU”.

I was going to hold the most awaited book “The Secret” today but couldn’t. Nevertheless, something more awaits. This is what I consider changing my thought and going with the flow rather than thinking the otherwise.

I am sure you are wondering if I can’t just buy it in the stores if I am loving the Universe and secret teachings so much. Well, it is a long story and I’ll get there to share with you all soon.

A piece from

I didn’t want my WP readers to miss reading my thoughts.

Random thoughts

Happy Sunday 

Hey Bloggers,

What’s up???

I had an amazing time.

Just happened to find this lovely quote that meant something and I am sure it will mean something to all who landed here and reading it now.

Picture is taken from fb.