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Here goes my photoshoot moments for my new book “The soft pillow”.

“THE SOFT PILLOW” Photoshoot.

Beyond those moon-lit eyes, She still had him hidden in her heart wrapped in silk and sky and her smile froze just like the moment their eyes met each other;

Beautiful Captures · My Book Cover

On the Limelight


I am happy to be sharing this moment being on the limelight today. I was asked to pick my favourite lines from my book.Also, there could possibly be a cover chat.
come back for more updates…

Picture belongs to me… Screenshot from my phone…

Beautiful Captures · My Den


I have never felt alive in the past few months. Don’t really know the inner essence of all of it but I am sure I am joyous and starting to see from a more optimist point of view.


Not complaining nor am I trying to win hearts, I am just myself and the very notion makes me feel complete even if it lasts for moments.

So, any changes lately that have swept you in awe? Love to hear all about it.

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