Authors Quotes

Snippet from my “WRITER IN YOU” Book

A Writer who ensures and battles with the power of his/her thoughts and the strength of his/her dreams becomes an author someday.

If you believe in this, read on or don’t go further…

Authors Quotes

What inspired me today?



It is something I have always believed in even before I ever wrote poems.

As I always say: “Hurl and sway the words and just pour your heart out..” This is possible only in Poetry, I believe.

“What do you think?”

Authors Quotes

Editing a nightmare?

One of the toughest but essential work for any book is editing. This quote reminds me, actually reflects my inner self.

If you came by to get some tips to pass by the nightmare, I am extremely sorry. I am responsible for the!


Authors Quotes

Ridiculous Phrase calling a Writer

“Only Profession where you’re not ridiculed if you don’t earn a penny”? Writing.

I read this while using the search engine this morning!!! The saying is not exact; I re-phrased it in my own words; I don’t appreciate or feel good reading this. There’s lot Imagebehind a writer’s work;