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Happy Women’s day

Happy Women’s day to all the beautiful women out there πŸ˜›

I feel blessed and ducking adorable to be part of our tribe.

No matter how messy our hair gets, We still manage to style it;

No matter how our skin plays tantrums, We still manage to look even more astonishing;

No matter how busy we are, We still manage to put the ones we love first before every other thing in this whole world;

We are not weak when we wear our hearts on our sleeves. We are strong;

We are like the mirror;

No matter how raw we look, We still rock;

No matter how sensitive and delicate we seem to the world, We are who we are.

No matter how our anger gushes like the wild storm, We are as calm as the ocean before the storm hits the roof solid;

To the fierce,

To the strong,

To the beautiful,

To the insane bold souls,

To the raw minds,

To strength that pushes us to wake up every morning and put up with the world,

To the sassy who wear a shade of belief wherever you go,

To the hard ones who show up even on the days your tiara feels a little low and edgy,

To the free spirited goddess,

To the magical soul who isn’t afraid of new beginnings,

To the wild one who sees every disaster like a ducking adventure,

To the one whose age is just a number but still a little girl at heart,

To the modest who slays nonsense and vanishes into thin air,

To the evolving owl who invents a beast who rules for all the untamed,

I love you all.

To every other shadow of me who walks the earth, I adore you.

Not just today but every day is precious for us.

Love to hear from you :)

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