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It all starts with your mind. It gets nowhere until your brain starts to think and it gets to a point where you sometimes end up doing stuff you might regret about or appreciate which is when your heart comes into picture. Well, I know this sounds ridiculous and I seriously have no idea if ever my mind and heart were in sync.

It is a challenging effort to silence the mind. Fall in love with yourself.

2 thoughts on “Thinking

  1. An interesting thought: why would you want to silence your mind?
    The only way is to sleep. And dream… 🙂
    And dreaming (awake) is the best way to “sync” Mind (Reason) and Heart (Emotion?)
    Fly high indeed.

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    1. yeah.. true but sometimes it is way better to silence your thoughts than do something crazy.. I didn’t phrase it well though.. have a lovely time.. thanks for stopping by


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