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Another beautiful piece I was so fond of from the moment I saw it on the Internet. I ask my husband to get the prints and enjoy colouring. A great relaxation. 

Don’t really want to buy those books. I mean I feel why spend $20 if I am going to keep them safe in my closet. 

Sometimes, They do make it to the wall when I love seeing something that makes me feel good. 


7 thoughts on “Colouring

  1. I love the colorbooks. Some are pretty cool. Others could use some better designs.
    I’ve been thinking if my watercolor pencils will be alright or will it mess the other page up. Probably, since it is wet.
    I think I will make some special ones from some of my art.
    I have a printer that only prints black. It’s a different type of printer. It actually steams. 😉
    I don’t hang my own art though. I am my own worst critic, so they say.
    I prefer other artists things rather than my own.
    I guess it just seems much more special!

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    1. Well, I agree with you about having others beautiful work hanging on our walls rather than our own but my husband loves to see my crappy coloured or painted stuff although I must admit my drawing skills are awful .. I just used water with the paint as of now. I should buy the solvent. It leaves a smudge and sometimes blotched after the paint gets dried. I am using pro paint acrylic. Just got my canvas sheets from kmart yesterday. should see how it goes. Thanks for stopping by. I would love to talk about art.



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