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I Am Writing

 Trapped in my world, I write with my daemons surrounding me,

Trapped in my world, I write with my emotions in disguise,

Trapped in my world, I write “Amazing Life”.


10 thoughts on “I Am Writing

  1. I admit that at times I too write with emotions disguised, but in the end it really seems like fraud, now I write with emotions exposed and allow the words to flow freely and follow my Heat.
    Very thought provoking words my Friend.

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    1. Well, I write poetry with emotions exposed but haven’t started being open when I have to connect experiences from real life 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and sharing your insight. Cheers 🙂


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  2. The world and this life in it can be an entrapping place. Somehow we find a way to project out light through the traps. You do it beautifully with every written piece and every smile you share on this blog!! Hugs!!

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