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Off The Eagle’s Claws

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“What’s more fascinating than sinking into the world of books?” 

I have been reading books of all genres lately and this is one of those great reads.


The story of one white man’s fight against the odds from the days of Rhodesia to independence in an African ruled dimension. He fought and survived the Rhodesian bush war from the losing end as a Caucasian soldier. His friend and confidante is an aircraft pilot dodging the anti aircraft bullets and rockets launched by the nationalist guerrillas fighting a war against the might of Rhodesia. They are forced to fight a rear guard action as the nationalist gain a foothold and ground against the dwindling ranks of the Rhodesian professional soldier. Besides the war, after peace, Mark Rainger takes to the bush for solace retreating from the media spotlight ferrying truckloads of tourists and walking them into lion territory. That is until he meets a woman by the name of Rosemary, unfortunately she is married. His attempt at love fails as he ends up being blackmailed for his affairs in the war and with Rosemary. How does a bachelor in his late 30’s survive in the new black ruled country where every upstart politician takes a swipe at the ex-Rhodesians?

My Review:

The book depicts a thorough conflict between profession and personal life and the author has written so beautifully that it gets to you. I was given this book for a honest review. It takes sometime to sink into the story, the surroundings and the characters since the story runs around the protagonist who works as a soldier while the war takes place in Rhodesia. Recommended and worth reading.

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Thanks for reading.

Hope you will enjoy reading as much as I did.

Stay tuned for the authors interview soon.


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