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You learn a lot in your life and throughout the journey, family is always around.

Girl with a Tiara

Life teaches you a lot and every person you meet down the road of your endless journey is going to teach you something too. {Endless Journey, I call it although every life does have a ending some day}.

But, have you ever wondered about family?

Well, from the past few days being away from the digital world, practically in digital detox mode, I have learned a lot about relationships and love of a family. When we were kids, we hardly knew anything but mum and dad pampering us, loving us, giving us all that we asked for and putting up with our tantrums.

As we grow, we tend to understand how the world works and how people around us are and mend our ways slowly. Some of us adapt, adjust and few others get what they want at any cost. Either ways, we are busy beyond words and reason and…

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