My Den


Christmas is a time to be merry.

Delight filled with feelings in our hearts,

A festive treat full of lights,

Singing Carols and Glittering Sparkles,

Gingerbread and Reindeer hanging from Mr.Green,

Precious gifts from our loved ones wrapped under Mr.Green,

A golden star that greets us by being up above all on Mr.Green,

A holiday of joy and love for everyone and especially for those we love and care.

Merry Christmas πŸ™‚ I had a wonderful one.

10 thoughts on “Wonderful

      1. Hello Bridget, How are you? Just back from Sydney, had a fantastic long holiday with family. How was yours? I just accepted your request. Cheers, Euphie πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Euphie,
      Life isn’t quite so tranquil for me, as my Mum recently died, and I’m polishing off my Family history, which is nearly 300,000 words! Will hand out dvd copies to family on Saturday, so will be glad to get that off my desk, then I can relax for a while. Looking forward to hanging out at the beach, pool, getting lots of reading done :).

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      1. I am so sorry for your loss 😦 She must have been a wonderful mother and human being. Wish you best with your work and enjoy your time.



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