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The Useless Candles

Girl with a Tiara

Since two years, I have been crazy and obsessed all over the scented candles. Wherever I went, those aromas came with me for a while. After sometime they dropped dead. Anyways I still bought a spade of them falling in love with the lavender and strawberry & Vanilla flavours recently.

Nowadays its all about fancying for the candle holders, Vases and stuff. Yet, I have got this bunch of candles I have no use for and every time my husband reminds me the trash can they belong to, I feel sad. I knew they deserve to be part of something beautiful although their aroma is long gone. So, this is what I came up with yesterday.

It is a small kick start of my crazy craft work with useless candles. I am sure women are good at this but me being one of those who never even touched a sketch…

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