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When I began writing, I had no clue whether I would be able to get my poems compiled into a book. Barry Mowles from D2wP and Debbie{Deborah Brooks Langford} my icon of inspiration are the sole reasons behind this possibility apart from my friends and family.

My Grandma’s recipe was part of Debbie’s cookbook long ago before my poetry was published.

Here’s the plan, Nameless piece of work of few aspiring authors along with my poems as always compiled into one is what I am hoping this turns out into.

Submission guidelines and briefing document will be shared with the respective people once the writers are finalized.

Note: I am aiming for five writers. Already seem to have two with me.

Wish me luck.

Hope this is interesting.

5 thoughts on “Calling

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 Appreciate your words and taking time to stop by is wonderful. As I mentioned if I have the confidence to run a solo show, I would love to be part of it.



      1. I believe you have the confidence and the voice to have your host program. You have our highest support and guidance.


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