My first poetry book



The consequence of naming your book and the sequel following is a pain in the neck sometimes.  The  impact of choosing the same name with the only difference being the additional tag: VOLUME II has been relatively challenging although it is very common.

At first when I started writing my first poem, I wasn’t even sure if I would ever find my poetry compiled into a book and even if it did, I could never even think about the readers or any sense of appreciation and criticism. Maybe, my confidence level was size zero.

If I can talk with my reader and keep the flow, my poems come out alive 🙂

I should have mentioned in my first poetry book about Vol II.

For all the readers,

Sorry for the confusion created among. You can pick Vol II and read it irrespective of Vol I read.

Thank you all 🙂

Note: WINGS OF EMOTIONS VOL II is unique in its own way although my first book name is the same.

WOE VOL I – 60 Poems .

WOE VOL II – 30 Poems { Every poem is a story of its own}

Love to hear from you :)

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