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Woman who married a Tree

After a long time, I am starting to read some friends posts on Facebook and today was one of those days. Guess what…My blog post title is what I read and I was like “WTF”… For a second, I believed that  I could have read it wrong or sometimes the content doesn’t go with the title at all.  So, I was second-guessing until I read it all.


8 thoughts on “Woman who married a Tree

  1. I came across the same article a few days ago on Facebook. I was so disturbed reading the article. I was waiting for the part that said, “Just joking” but it never came!
    What is this world coming too??


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  2. Well, if the tree makes her happy… go for it. I’m not judging her.

    Heck, there are some people I’ve talked to that I felt like I would’ve been much happier talking to a wall. You know, sometimes people can really let you down and you feel like you just need to express your love with someone who is not a person. I personally wouldn’t do it, but I can understand her desire to avoid getting into a relationship with an actual person who isn’t supportive like a tree. I mean, she can always lean on it and it will always hold her up. It fills her needs. That’s pretty much what relationships are about: people filling each other’s needs. Or, in this case, a tree filling a person’s needs.

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    1. Well said. That’s her life and her love for the tree.. All of a sudden when I read the news, I found it a bit weird 😀 because we see too many pranks all the time.

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      1. Well, yeah that’s absolutely true and as you mentioned it all, it is her life, the love she felt for the tree and perhaps there’s more to it than just being in the news 😊

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