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Show your love :)

I am glad to be one of the closest acquainted among Mihran Kalaydjian’s friends and be part of his music that’s so beautiful and touching.

Mihran is attending the musical awards his team is working towards setting the Radio Internet site and if I am not too late, your love and appreciation can make a lot of difference.

Show your love and affection by hitting the ‘like’ button if you would like to part of something so big and lovely.

See below an introduction about Radio Element

In response to listener demand, Radio Element will launch a series of specialized programs that relate to distinct tastes and preferences. Topics range from societal issues and cultural reawakening to sports and song requests. Each of the various shows on the grid brings a level of transparency to the community, impacting the decisions listeners make, daily.
The range of programming to include specialized cultural, political and educational shows, event coverage, as well as local, international and  news. Committed to maintaining consistently high programming standards throughout its schedule. By extending its cultural reach locally and worldwide, Radio Element to become a unique and valuable community resource.
Radio Element’s mission is to provide a trusted source of information, entertainment and quality programming to a global community of listeners, united in their appreciation of Middle East, Armenian, European and English music.
Radio Element’s aspires to be a valued, vibrant and vital creative outlet and community resource, within and across national boundaries.

Spread the word and help to untie the talent across  🙂

Thank you fans & followers ❤

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