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I am back!!!

I am back.. glad to be back after a long holiday. 

Marrying my college Sweetheart was the most amazing moment of my life and I wish to cherish it forever in my inner soul although there is an exception to the surroundings back then.

Happily, Soul-ful wedded and in love with the wonderful human being 🙂

19 thoughts on “I am back!!!

  1. Yay!!!! Congratulations!!!! That is AWESOME news 🙂 May your life be filled with happiness and one another’s support always, to turn even the toughest moments into memorable challenges! xoxo

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  2. If I said “Congratulations,” would that be cliche? You know, ’cause everyone else has already said it.

    Ah, what the hell.


    (I was going for an echo effect.)

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  3. Euphie, You DID get married!!!!!! I must have remembered back in my memory bank that it was spring or March-April!!!!!!!!! You are filled with joy! Much love & best regards to you & your husband!!!!!!!1 What a lucky man, isn’t he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phil

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