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Holiday undenying truth Day 1

Life is hell when all of a sudden the strangers in your family become your dear ones and sit on your neck.. makes me feel dizzy and cranky…

I wonder what goes on in their head…
Is it just the repulsive notion or beyond my comprehension of the theory behing their doing..

Universe, Please hold on and walk with me through this journey of fake love, fake affection which was long lost in flames, the free-advice zone and oh crap!!! the ones who don’t seem to get a hang of what you are really wanting to say… or pretend they don’t…

All I want is to be truly happy, real happy from my inner-self and wipe away those souls of negativity spreading like wild fire just to satisfy their consciousness if they ever had one earlier ofcourse…

4 thoughts on “Holiday undenying truth Day 1

    1. Well, Phil.. I do.. feel this is one thing that belongs to me and none can take this world away 🙂 I wish the ones revolving around this could find their way to my world..

      Btw.. How are you???

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      1. Euphie, How nice of you to ask…..Doing fine because my love, wife Geri of 42 years, has just come through full knee replacement surgery with flying colors! May you experience years of true & deep love & devotion as I have been blessed with. Phil

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