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Marrying my college sweetheart

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30 thoughts on “Marrying my college sweetheart

    1. Thank you Phil for your warm wishes.. Absolutely, you read it all.. It has been an amazing journey of almost 12 years 😇 and we just got engaged two weeks ago and here I am on cloud nine..

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      1. Euphie, How very special for you both! I can tell from the little I know of your website & your writing that you are, I am sure, a very special, warm, sincere, fine & intelligent person. Your fiancee must be a quality person as well! He is a very lucky young man to have you to be his bride! Phil


      2. Yes Phil, he is a very agreeable man with huge sense of humour and lots of love for me 🙂 His admiration is truly flawless and I am falling in love with him all over again never enough for this life-time 🙂
        You are such a sweet person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂


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  1. Congratulations Euphie! – “This sounds like a story from a great novel” …. but thankfully for you and your groom to be…. this is reality!! All the very best to you both, for your undoubted love, and your wonderful new journey together! – Very pleased to finally hear this announcement!

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    1. Hahahaha.. we got lucky from the very start 😊 thank you so very much for your warm wishes.. hope you had a lovely new year and Christmas 😍


  2. wow – Euphie – I have no words and humbled with happiness and joy – Both if you enjoy the journey and smile. Life is beautiful! I nominate my last duet clip : You are My Love

    Congratulations and let your new journey shine and fill with million rosses!

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    1. Thank you Gabriel for the wonderful wishes and for nominating 🙂

      Look forward to much more exciting stuff to continue the chain..



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