My Den

Do you miss???

This quote reminds me of my 11 year old labrador.. We lost her last year. Miss her so much..

Do you miss your best friend??? Have you lost her/him?


7 thoughts on “Do you miss???

  1. I understand your sorrow. I lost my dog after 15 years and could never warm to another after that. Now I have a cat these last 7-8 years and maybe because he is a totally different species, I find I can love him almost as much as my old dog. But dogs are different than cats in their total devotion to their master. You never really have that again with any other animal. His ashes still sit on my desk and his pictures still surround me in my den.

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  2. I’ve never had a pet . So I don’t really know how it feels . But I’ve seen my friend go through it . She was a brave lady. She even adopted a lab from an animal rescue shelter

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