Random thoughts


Holy crap.. I am reading “kill me once” by Jon Osborne..

Never read anything so brutal.. simply chilling.. I had plans to just quit reading this stuff.. Nevertheless, I am eager to know how it all ends..

Have you read this???

16 thoughts on “OMG

    1. Hello Feminine and Feline,

      Absolutely true 🙂
      Totally into it and can’t resist the temptation and curiosity to know what awaits 🙂

      thanks for stopping by.. have a lovely weekend


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    1. Well Rolain, I tell you it is a must read if you can bear with a new psycho breed.. lol

      and yes I will keep you all posted about it… Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂


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      1. That’s wonderful Rolain, I had a great time too although we were hit by lightning and storm from 2am last night… and about the book, I am done reading and posted my review..

        Take care and thanks for stopping by 🙂

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