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My Conversation with Author Michael La Ronn

Eaten Season 1

Tell us a little more about yourself?

I’m an indie author who writes “fearless fantasy,” which is what I describe as the only fantasy with the balls to include things like teddy bears and vegetables as heroes. I also write short stories, poetry, and nonfiction, and my specialty is quirky stories and humor.

Quickly, tell us about your upcoming releases?

My upcoming fiction release is a novella that takes place in the world of my series, Eaten. Eaten is about a group of vegetable terrorists attempting to take down an empire of processed foods. The novella is from the perspective of a processed food—a milkshake scientist who has joined the vegetables. It’s fiction, but it’s in the style of a memoir. It leads up to the first book in the Eaten series.
On the nonfiction front, I’m also working on a book aimed at helping poets take advantage of the self-publishing revolution.

Do you have any specific inspiring incident that turned you out as an author?

Absolutely. In 2012, I ate some bad food and was hospitalized with a serious illness. I was in the hospital for a month, and it really changed my perspective on life. It made me hungry to be a writer, and I decided that I didn’t want to leave this planet without leaving behind a big body of work. Ever since then, I’ve been writing like a madman!

Who designed your cover art? How did you choose the image?

Kip Ayers did the cover for Eaten: The Complete First Season. He also did the cover for my second novel, Festival of Shadows. He’s an awesome designer, and what’s so great about him is that I can tell him what I want, and he makes it happen. Since Eaten is about vegetables, I figured that it would be best to have one of my characters on the cover—so that readers know exactly what they’re getting. I just gave Kip a brief description of my hero, Brocc, and he took care of the rest. It was pretty amazing, and I’m still in awe at how quickly and accurately Kip pulled it off.

Do you outline your work before you write?
I outline just enough to get the book going. I figure out the main plot and my characters’ motivations, but I don’t know the minor details yet. I can usually crank out the rough draft for a novel in about two weeks, so I will do more outlining after the rough draft, because many times the story takes turns that I never imagined during the first draft.

How do you like spending your leisure hours?

My wife and I have a newborn, so my daughter takes up a lot of my time. But when I’m not taking care of her, every moment of my waking is spent writing or doing something for my writing business. I gave up television and video games years ago to focus on writing and reading.
Which genre is far more appealing to you as a reader?
No specific genre appeals to me more than any other. I’ve always been an adventurous reader. I love going wherever an author will take me, as long as it’s worth the ride.

What inspires you to write? Is there any level of similarity with the events or characters in your book and in reality?

I mentioned before that I love it when authors take me on journeys. I love to create my own journeys, too. For me, I enjoy every part of the writing process—from outlining, when the story is most vivid, to the rough draft when the story becomes real, to the editing, when the story becomes readable, and after I’ve published, when I look back on the book and realize “Holy cow! I wrote that!” It’s an amazing feeling, especially after you’ve written several books. It’s even sweeter when readers come along for the journey, too!

Which is your current read?

Right now I’m reading the Fat Vampire series by Johnny B. Truant. It’s about a fat guy who becomes a vampire—literally! It’s a hilarious satire of vampire novels, but it’s also very serious. I like books that straddle the space between funny and serious.

What, in your opinion is the toughest part while carving your book?

The second draft is the hardest part for me. It doesn’t take much to produce a rough draft—about two weeks for me. But the second draft is where the real work begins. I write my rough drafts fast and very sloppily, so I often have to rewrite entire sections of the novel, do research, and fix major potholes. If readers could see my first drafts, they’d probably laugh at me. But all of those problems disappear after the second draft. For this reason, I never feel comfortable with a novel until I’m done with the second draft.

Share a word of advice with our readers and authors, if any?

Don’t let anyone define you. Define yourself.

Share one of your favorites from your music band collection, if any?

I love video game music. I am obsessed with it, actually. My favorites would be Wild ARMS: 2nd Ignition by Michiko Naruke and SaGa Frontier 2 by Masashi Hamauzu.

If you’re a foodie, tell us about your favorite dish?

I’m a sucker for red curry, naan, and a nice cold glass of Thai tea. That’s heaven!

List any giveaways or surprises in mere future?

If you join my mailing list and become one of my “fearless readers,” you’ll be able to have a major say in one of my upcoming works for the next calendar year. That’s all I’ll say, and you’ll have to join my mailing list to learn more!

Where can we find your books?

You can learn about all my books at

We would love to reach out to you, please share your social media active platform

I’m most active on Facebook and Google+. I love to connect with new people, so don’t be shy! I’d love to meet you.

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