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My Conversation with Author Jennifer Beilis

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Tell us a little more about yourself?

I have my Master’s degrees in Education and Deafness Rehabilitation, New York University, Bachelor’s in Psychology form Rowan University and my Associate’s degree in Social Sciences from Brookdale Community College in New Jersey.

Quickly, tell us about your upcoming releases?

My book “Hear” I Am!! was released 4/24/14.

Do you have any specific inspiring incident that turned you out as an author?

I wrote about my life’s experiences with hearing loss and Meniere’s to show that people with disabilities can attend school or work. I also show with introspective questioning to learn about self-growth.

Who designed your cover art?

The publisher and I designed the cover. I feel that butterflies represent change or metamorphosis.

Do you outline before you write?


How do you like spending your leisure hours?

I enjoy paint by number, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Which genre is more appealing to you as a reader?

I enjoy romantic novels.

What inspires you to write? Is there any level of similarity with the events or characters in your book in reality?

I write from my heart of my personal experiences.

Which is your current read?

John Updike Rabbit is Rich.

What in your opinion is the toughest part while carving out your book?

The hardest part was coming to terms with the loss of my dad and grandma. Also, it was very hard to accept my diagnosis and obtain treatment but I always show that I work through the problems.

Hope you enjoyed my conversation with Euphonos 🙂

Love to hear from you :)

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