My Book Cover

Tick..Tock {XIS}

Curious about what’s inside the Vol II. Well, I must say, I have written something lot better this time; Its like practice makes you learn where you are headed off to..Earlier, When I began writing my first book, I knew nothing about the kind of poetry, pattern, recurrence or even what to make out of it. 



Nevertheless, I wrote my book that is a collection of 50 poems. I was criticized, mocked at my language flow and what not??? Actually, all that helped me write better this time although I never stopped writing from my heart.


Poetry is something you can express your emotions just the way you feel. Don’t you agree? And by the flow of language and the rest of it, I really don’t care nor try to comprehend because the day I begun to give more significance to the former, I can be assured, I have lost the sense of writing from my heart and I can as well stop writing.

Love to hear from you :)

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