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Love and Wind Sway

Love and wind sail on the same boat,

Just like the worries and happiness.

Wipe away your tears,

Bad days are the passing clouds.

image (15)

 Love is like the wind,

 Blows like an angel,

 Fresh breeze is like the joyful moment.

 When the wind hits hard

 It is like the passing cloud for now.

 We cannot see the wind,

 We cannot see love,

 Love and wind are with us

No matter, joy or sorrow

 I love the wind

“Do you”?

Wind gushes in the winter nights

And summer, blows like a hot pump.

Love leaves tears of joy and happiness,

Sometimes, bitter memories in Grief.

Picture is mine & Poem is from Wings of Emotions – Vol I.

Love to hear from you :)

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