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My Deepest Thoughts

Having real interesting conversations is a true treasure. Isn’t it?


I go by the questions I am to talk about in a conversation because it gets tough to knock off every other think-weird question sometimes.

I had to forcefully not accept some questions few months ago when I was asked if I would fall in love with my neighbor or what utensil I use in my kitchen? C’mon, so dumb, I felt but I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s innovative nature as such. I just feel good expressing this today.

As you all know, I love reading books and moreover, Ifeel blissful in my own sense which is comprehensible by only some around me who share the same interest, sadly.

Come, read the deepest ideas, thoughts that lay hidden and thanks to Rita Lee Chapman, Author who hosted this engaging conversation. The interview will be up for a week on her blog/site.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Love to hear from you :)

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