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Beyond Authors Spotlight Approach

Inconclusive if I should host any more interviews with authors since I am getting busy nowadays although that’s a good sign.

I have couple of them left to post and after which it will be a slightly better accessible approach for any aspiring writer or Indie authors to request for being featured.

Narrowing down my set of questions to keep the readers engaged and know the insight behind every writer’s mindset seems to be a challenge for any blogger who is hosting authors interviews until and unless they are professionals.

My explicit reasons would be to give them credit for who they are and a collection of their valuable life-style beyond the life of being an author is incredible;

What do you think? Do you have a better approach rather than the way the interested can contact me by e-mail.

Perhaps if you would like your friends/family or any author you think is highly recommendable featured, comment below the “WHO AM I” page of my blog 🙂 rather than punching in my e-mail id or waiting for my response.

I will update the questions and instructions soon.

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Love to hear from you :)

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