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My Conversation with Author Martin Kloess



Tell us a little more about yourself?

I have lived a long and truly remarkable life. I joke about how I lived other people’s dreams. I came to San Francisco, from Germany at the age of 6. My plans were to become a music teacher. I earned my BA degree at San Francisco State College. Somehow I found myself working for an oil company. They sent me to the San Francisco Academy of Arts to learn graphic arts for the printing field. This all lead to a job with almost limitless creative potential.

In 1991 I joined the Freemasons. I became very active in their ritual, education and most of all charity endeavors. My forte was public schools, our youth and Toys for Tots. In addition, I coached youth soccer for 13 years.

I married my childhood sweetheart in 1974. Arlene gave me two children, Peter and Robin. We were a Great team. Arlene died in 2003. I remarried in 2007 to Amor.

In 1999, I was honored by the city of San Francisco for my efforts with the public schools. In 2008, the Masonic Fraternity conferred upon me the honor of the 33rd degree for my charity endeavors. In 2010 I was struck by my current handicap, which still has the doctors baffled and is causing me to lose control of my body.

 Quickly, tell us about your upcoming releases?

Unfortunately, due to my handicap, there will be no more books turned out by me. I work 14 hours a day just to manage the three poems I turn out daily. On the positive, side my fan base is soaring. My poems are getting more views. And my name and poetry is popping up all over the internet.

Do you have any specific inspiring incident that turned you out as an author?

Though my life experiences are in my poems, I try to keep them open enough for the reader to add a bit of themselves. Some fans have mentioned how a poem appears to change. This is because people tend to change.

Who designed your cover art? How did you choose the image?

I use stock images.

Do you outline your work before you write?

How do you like spending your leisure hours?

Since December of 2010 my leisure time consists of trips to the hospital. Too much stimuli is a challenge. Even looking out the window is more than I can process. No one likes to see me this way, so I rarely see my close friends or family. This allows me to stay at the computer most of my day.

Which genre is far more appealing to you as a reader?

I use to think it was my love poems. But based on fan comments it is my variety in style as well as subject matter.

What inspires you to write? Is there any level of similarity with the events or characters in your book and real life?

Typing is pretty much all I can do.

Some of my poems are pictures of my past.

Which is your current read?

I don’t read books anymore. It is too hard to turn pages. Plus it would take away the time at the computer. I do try to read as many poems as time permits on Facebook, email and Google+.

When I use to read my favorite book was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This was followed by various versions of the bible (I do not consider myself highly religious).

What, in your opinion is the toughest part while carving your book?

I make a lot of mistakes. Arlene use to proof my work when she was alive. I guess I got use to it. I wasted over 2 years looking for a partner. As far as hiring a professional, money is an unusual problem.

Now my handicap is slowing me down. A lot of my fans don’t know about my handicap and want to communicate with me.

Share a word of advice with our readers and authors, if any?

Too many people give advice. What works for one person may not work for another.

Share one of your favorites from your music band collection, if any?

My taste in music is understandably broad. My favorites change from day to day. If one gets a chance go to my Twitter account ( for some samples of my taste in music.

If you’re a foodie, tell us about your favorite dish?

I was a pretty good cook. There was little I couldn’t create or recreate. I was very lucky to have a lot of friends who cooked. Some were even professional chefs. My daughter, Robin, is a pastry chef. She was featured in Zagat as one of San Francisco’ upcoming chefs. She was  even on Cutthroat Kitchen. But my favorite… anything with rasberries.

List any giveaways or surprises in mere future?

I am just surprised I am not bed ridden yet. Though, I have had to pull back on the number of sites I write on and the kind of material I write about. As I mentioned earlier, I have stopped working on new books.

Where can we find your books?

My books are available at Amazon

But all my work (with pictures and music) can be found for free at Allvoices

We would love to reach out to you, please share your social media active platform




Thank you for reading my conversation with Euphonos 🙂

One thought on “My Conversation with Author Martin Kloess

  1. Martin , I am so sorry to hear of your health situation. I didn’t realize how serious it is. Keep typing and plugging along and don’t despair. The quality of your poetry has not become disabled a bit. You limericks make me LOL! I mean that sincerely and you love poems are beautifully written. Many times they bring a tear to my eye-I have experienced the same emotions myself. Through your daughter, your poetry,your love of your wives and your love of life, you are leaving quite a legacy. Bravo! I so enjoyed reading this!


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