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Is your book discoverable?

Do you think keywords, tags and categories play a key role for the readers to discover your book’s existence? Yes, you should be thoroughly aware if you’re a author.

Although I have two of my books published, I was never aware of the significance of the keywords that are listed optional when you’re editing in KDP amazon until a day before; I came across a tweet relating to one of the Poetry books that’s listed in the Love Poems Category. Immediately, my mind picked it all about the keyword and category process. I read few articles and help information by Kindle but didn’t exactly connect to them; But, while I kept browsing the other books, I happened to draw a new level of conclusion.

Let’s take my poetry book as an example; It is a poetry collection of love, grief, dreams, loss of loved ones, sense of non-living connecting to humans and so on. The category previously chosen was Subject & Themes – Love, Subject & Themes – Nature since there are couple of poems that relate to nature and us. The sales were below average until last month;

I) Last month, I chose KDP Free promotion for a day or two; Guess what? My sales shot up pretty high all of a sudden and within two weeks span, It was pretty two figure decent amount. Nevertheless, It is all about your book reach out and not the bucks authors earn;

II) coming back to the Genre, I discovered the Love Poems Category from one other book and decided to give it a try. Believe it or not, I just changed few keywords rather, replaced with love, romance, nature, grief, death and loss from the help information provided by KDP Amazon and my poetry book Wings of Emotions ranked #25, #81 in the Amazon Top paid Love Poems Genre.

The Kindle Tech explained it so well and although I did not get it all, I am still working my way out. There’s lot to learn and go by if you’re an Indie especially.

I suggest to swap keywords and categories every now and then and see if your book is visible to the readers.



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