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While Writing


I write poetry listening to the tunes of Peter Breiner & Don Gillis everyday.

“Do you have a song or playlist you connect to while you write?”

Music is the soul of my poems and I cherish the special feeling. I call it an absolute freedom of soul.

2 thoughts on “While Writing

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I agree with you about music inspiring writing. Because a lot of what I write involves relationships and characters’ emotions I like to listen to singer/songwriters whose lyrics affect me emotionally. I’ve recently discovered an Australian guy, lovely guitar player and super voice. Here’s a link to his music if you want to check him out.

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    1. You’re very welcome & Thanks for stopping by. I would be happy to add to my collection{MarkMoroney} if it pleases. For me, the lyrical music deviates my attention; I am so much in loss for concentration; So, I try to keep it low to the instrumental most of the time. Have a great day ahead πŸ™‚


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