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My conversation with Christina M. Castro


Tell us a little more about yourself?

 I have lived in Baltimore, Maryland USA all my life, and my Dad is from the Philippines and My Mom is from Portland, Oregon USA with her roots being Irish , Dutch and German. I grew up as the youngest of three, being the only girl. I studied classical guitar and started writing lyrics for songs as young as age eleven. I continue to play guitar and piano keyboard and sing all the time.

Quickly, tell us about your upcoming releases?

I will be publishing a new poetry book called “Confronting Deception”. It is a book focusing on experiences that people have with deceitfulness and how it causes hurt and pain, but offers healing through the Word of God in the Bible offering evidence of such negative behaviors and providing Promise of God’s Healing love. I am also writing my first novel which is called “Living Through The Metamorphosis”; this is a book about two young girls who grow up with different backgrounds but find sisterhood with each other while discovering who they want to become as they mature together as friends. In the fall, hopefully before Christmas, I will be publishing my first Children’s book which is going to be Christmas Adventure Series.

Do you have any specific inspiring incident that turned you out as an author?

I had always wanted to be an author, and my earliest publishing which started 4 years ago was on Then when I joined Facebook, I met Deborah Brooks Langford and immediately we became friends. She encouraged me to publish and mentored me through her experiences. Soon after, she introduced me to Barry Mowles who has Destiny To Write Publications.. He has published my first two books of poetry and will continue to publish my next three books.

Who designed your cover art? How did you choose the image?

My publisher, Destiny To Write Publiscations assisted me with the cover art. I told Barry Mowles what I wanted to show on the cover, and he put the cover art together. I have been pleased with all my covers so far.

Do you outline your work before you write?

I do not outline anything until I am ready to type it and prepare for my publisher to read it. Even with my fictional writing, nothing is really outlined. I write as it comes to me.

How do you like spending your leisure hours?

When I am not writing, I usually read, and watch movies, especially with my Mom and Dad. I try to make more time to practicing my music. I love going out with my two children, my daughter, Ally Burgess who is 26 years old, and my son, Dana Burgess who is 23.

Which genre is far more appealing to you as a reader?

I enjoy reading dramatic fiction, Christian fiction and nonfiction and biographies.

What inspires you to write? Is there any level of similarity with the events or characters in your book and in reality? Personal experience does inspire me to write, such as beoing a mother, a nurse and a minister of God’s Word; and if there is a newsworthy story that I hear about that may inspire me to write about.

Which is your current read?

I have been reading the adventure series about Jacky Faber by L A Meyer. He has written a fictional story about a young girl from London who is notorious for crime on the high seas- this is a 12 book series, and I have read 11 volumes. I also just started reading the sequel by Deborah Brooks Langford called Brooke and Nick; I have also just started reading The David Chronicles, Volume I, Rise to Power by Uvi Poznansky.

What, in your opinion is the toughest part while carving your book?

The introduction is the hardest part, because you want to tell people about the topic you are writing about that will grab the reader’s attention.

Share a word of advice with our readers and authors, if any?

Make sure that your topics connect, and that if you write with a timeline in mind as the story unfolds, and if the writer decides to write details of the characters timeline out of sequence, remember to not number your chapters until the characters develops, and the events connect- make sure that you recheck so not to repeat what has been said about the character later in the story.

Share one of your favorites from your music band collection, if any?

I enjoy the most the Music collection from Michael Franti who performs with his band Spearhead; he is an advocate for World Peace.

If you’re a foodie, tell us about your favorite dish?

I love my own Barbecue Chicken Wings and stir fried vegetables and rice. List any giveaways or surprises in mere future? I have not a chance to think on this yet. I am still a newbie to this wonderful world of writers

Where can we find your books?

I am promoting my books on , being sold through the website, www.

We would love to reach out to you, please share your social media active platform

I am on as Christina M Castro. I am on Twitter as Cmcsings. I am also on Google+.

Thank you for reading my conversation with Euphonos 🙂 – Christina.



One thought on “My conversation with Christina M. Castro

  1. I am so excited about Author and poet Christina M. Castro and her fabulous poetry books Word’s From a Missionary Heart.
    Hopes and Dreams& Spiritual Fulfillment A Poetic Journey
    these books are so inspirational and full fillings to read.. what great poetry that is dedicated to the Lord..
    Debbie Brooks

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