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My conversation with Kerstin Centervall

ImageTell us a little more about yourself?

I was only a child when I started singing dancing and acting. Five years old I started with ballet, singing in the children choir in my home parish and was only 6 years old when I was doing my first performance. My great musical interest has always followed me. After High school I took lessons at the Musical Academy and also dramatic education which led to a start at the theatre. Later I followed up my studies with a teacher’s degree in English and Swedish which urged my great interest also for language and for painting in words. Which now has led to 3 poetry books and also my Awards during 2013 by Destiny To Write Publications as the Author of thy Year, the Best Newcomer and also the Most Inspirational poet of the Year. And not to forget my music and singing will always be my constant companions in life.

Quickly, tell us about your upcoming releases?

About my upcoming releases. I am now working with a Swedish publisher to get my fourth book published and to be shown on the great Book Fair in September (in Gotherburg) which hopefully could lead to a more broad range of readers.

Do you have any specific inspiring incident that turned you out as an author?

Yes my start at the University when studying language and getting more knowledge about the English literature. Especially the old literature as Milton and Shakespeare and also the great Romantic era . The Greek Mythology was already to me a great interest.

Who designed your cover art? How did you choose the image?

My cover for my books is photo found on Facebook what I remember and designed by my dear friend and poet Ann Marie Zagorianos.

Do you outline your work before you write?

No. I often get an idea could only be a short sentence and that start a progress in my mind.

How do you like spending your leisure hours?

My leisure time.. I have no leisure time. All my time is spent for my big house, my family and work. My writings and singings has to be stolen time from other duties. Should I get some hours free I use that for Photography. And a must in my living is to keep myself in a fit form with daily discipline of exercise.

Which genre is far more appealing to you as a reader?

Classical Poetry and all genres if the language is good. Favorite Authors with a great social interest in society and questions of Human rights.

What inspires you to write? Is there any level of similarity with the events or characters in your book and in reality?

Sometimes. a connection with life, but I am not only writing Central poetry.

Which is your current read?

My Current read I love to read the English-Speaking Author . Santa-Sebag Montefiore represents today’s author and I go often back to old Classics as Defoe ( Moll Flanders) Charles Dickens , The Irishmen, George Bernhard Shaw and Oscar Wilde. American authors as Edgar Allen Poe and Mark Twain.

What, in your opinion is the toughest part while carving your book?

Sorting my poems into different groups as I am writing in so many different times and subjects.

Share a word of advice with our readers and authors, if any?

Always write for your own sake . For what you and your inspiration tells you. That gives the soul to your writings.

Share one of your favorites from your music band collection, if any?

My music stands over all time and composers. from Baroque to Modern Classic music .If I have to mention some composers I choose Brahms and Beethoven , then comes Chopin and Liszt.

If you’re a foodie, tell us about your favorite dish?

My favourite dish Have none.. All food has to be nourish healthy and well made. Without sugar and no too much of fat. Which goes hand in had with my living.

List any giveaways or surprises in mere future?

Have none for the moment to mention.

Where can we find your books?

You can find my books at

Music in Verses

and the great Poetry collection,

The Northern Star –


The First book is only for sale in a few ex. left with title Shooting Stars. The coming publishing I cannot still leave out the publisher’s name.

We would love to reach out to you, please share your social media active platform

You will find me on and

for reciting poems and videos on .

Many thanks for your great interest –  with love, Kerstin .

6 thoughts on “My conversation with Kerstin Centervall

  1. A very interesting interview with Kerstin Centervall. Kerstin is a prolific author. Her poetry bridges over the past and the present. Her quill turns into a keen artist’s brush, painting the reader’s soul brightly and expressively. Lyricism, romance, sensitivity, drama, history .
    Her passion for Literature, History and Music urges the reader to stop on each line to ponder.
    Meaningful , powerful, vivid writing. The reader, captivated in the uplifting magic of the musical flow of her verse , feels elated with contentment.
    Kerstin Centervall, a gifted poetess and a Beautiful Heart!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thank you so very much my dearest Ann Marie Zagorianos for all your kind words and for your way of expressing yourself in this sublime manner . You are yourself a very good writer and use the language in an excellent way.. Your great support is always very much appreciated and once again .. MANY THANKS.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I have to say Author and Poet Kerstin Centervall is a true artist.. Her poetry book’s The Northern star and Shooting Stars…. plus Music in Verses…. are a work of art… I am anxiously waiting her new poetry book to be released…I love Kerstin Videos and Photos and her voice is amazing..
    What a pleasure it has been to know Kerstin her talent knows no bounds and she has a heart for her music and poetry, which makes one breathless to read..
    Thank you Kerstin for being a loyal friend…
    Debbie Brooks

    Liked by 1 person

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