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Pieces of Time from “The True love” Series

Cover re-release of “PIECES OF TIME”. Don’t miss this chance of winning Signed Paperback copy of this heartfelt Novella.If you’re looking forward to win the copy, comment below and share across.The first in the series and it is a fictional-romance about meeting your true love.

Pieces of Time, a novella that takes you for a swift but promising ride, a deep reflection of Linda, the protagonist’s inner-self.
At 27, she seemed perfect reflection of her mother with dark hair, blonde and her deep blue mysterious eyes added charm. Michael Flynn, loner but the harbinger of reality is destined to meet his true love. Will Ian Baker, the high-school handsome make an ever-lasting impression or will Michael Flynn’s gentle but strong character tied with the hidden truth of the Robson family is the happily ever is all about “Pieces of Time”. Time is the true magical essence for their lives entangled with one another.




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