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Save your writings

“Documenting your work is temporary form of art”.

ImageYou bet, I have read this somewhere and always hear this from anyone beside me while I work, I mean write. I have this terrific habit of never saving my work until the last moment. I end up with my fingers crossed and look for the document recovery or end up exploring my computer;

“Is it so difficult to just hit the ‘save’ button to make life easier or just don’t feel like doing it”? You bet, must be feeling weirdo “Go, figure out yourself”. I guess I did figure out and going to save my work from now or I end up re-writing stuff like the other day last week.

2 thoughts on “Save your writings

  1. I can still hear my comp. tech /teacher saying save date and name it – ever had a bad dream well not doing that saving reminds me of bed dreams, so keep good dreams alive and SAVE-SAVE- SAVE 🙂


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