My Den

Inside the mind of a writer – II

“Do you ever relate to the characters in your book?”

“Have you ever felt connected with something you have written about when memories came rippling back?”

We have been there, experienced the feeling hell lot of times; I always connect to one of the characters when I read any book. So, forget asking me the question in return; You won’t be surprised, I always end up the strong female character. If the female lead is a victim or is in pain, I don’t usually let my imagination pass by; I wait for the character hoping with all my heart and soul to become strong and sensual, fall in love and live happily ever after;

You must be wondering if I know nothing about life other than love. I read romance genre most of the time and love falling in love again and again, all over after all it is a great feeling to be loved and love someone.


Love to hear from you :)

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