My Den

Inside the mind of a writer?

“Have you ever wondered how a writer thinks”?

“Ever tried to think what goes on in a creative mind’s inner soul”?

If you’re a writer yourself, Let me ask you, if you have you been curious about what goes on in the mind of a writer that brings out a good read?

My thoughts wander off to the in-depth emotions surrounding my inner soul and erupt all of a sudden and believe me or not, it works; there is a real deep way to think if you ever want to; I don’t mind going that far. To be able to feel the very same emotions of a girl when she is happy or when she is buried in the deepest of the sorrows is not a piece of cake work;Image

My poems may not rhyme but there’s a story to every poem and imprints your mind;

The more you involve in your world, the braver and stronger you feel and will soon start to notice the doors of all the loose ends welcoming you;

My thoughts continue inside the mind of a writer. In time, I will write back soon.

Love to hear from you :)

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