My Den

Fear of Writing

Whether it was the 18th or the 20th, we all fear when we write; The sole reason being the judgmental opinion of a reader surpasses the confidence issue in a writer.Image“Do you fear about what you write or you are just worried that something might go wrong when you start to write?” I must say, it is the fear that pulled me back; When I started my first book, I asked myself “Am I really a writer”?, At that point there wasn’t much to throw away my fear except just smile and forget.

All I can say is go on there and don’t look back; The day you write without fear and write your heart and soul into the book, You have got all the answers; You can write for hours worrying and without a benefit of doubt I must say, it won’t be good enough.So, Go on and write definitely with a positive setback and you’ll fly high. There is no doubt and no fear.



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