My Den

Caught in a cob-web of confusion & Contradictions



Mind full of cob-webs and confused between my attitude and who am I really. This is such a huge thing for me; Deciding between who am I and who am I really bothers me and either I make something out of it or I am done living loving my life.It is pretty easy to lie, reason and explain and fake your life. I don’t care attitude surely doesn’t work at times and you realize your fake smile and attitude works. That’s when who am I really comes into picture.There’s confusion and so much going on all the time in my life that I never get to think clearly; I am always confused except while I am writing; I make sure I do that or else you’d end up reading and becoming the biggest critique.

“Have I talked too much nonsense”? Surely, there must be some sense in it. I understand its with my mind and soul contradicting each other all the time which is very unusual among my friends; They must be thinking, I am one crazy but gutsy woman who always has her way out while my heart says “No”, my mind says “Who really cares”?




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