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Imprint of Great Authors

I must admit, ImageI grew up reading the classic tales that enchanted my heart and soul for a while. It was a delightful journey growing up as a kid with the elusive author’s mindset. I wondered and pondered for the source behind Austen’s “Pride & Prejudice” & L.M. Montgomery’s “Green Gables”;

Falling in Love has always been profound and meaningful and feeling the classics dwell in your life isn’t a nostalgic. It is beyond the comprehension of  few who tend to estimate the boundaries of one’s feelings, wise and silly they may sound.

I admire the Author’s and the characters in their writings far much to wish for a colour of romance and mystery and hidden secrets in my love life; It is so easy to be interested in on the odds behind obsession never having to let go of something I adore from my childhood days;

Love to hear from you :)

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